7.20.13 -- THE VERY LATEST FROM THE TEXAS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING YESTERDAY (FRIDAY, JULY 19) -- Thomas Ratliff did not try on Friday to offer his resolution to push the SBOE into reviewing the CSCOPE lessons; he knew he did not have the votes.


*To recap the last two days, please see:


“Urgent Request: Contact TEA and SBOE re: CSCOPE” – 7.18.13 --  


“CSCOPE Press Release from Sen. Patrick with Background from Donna Garner” – 7.19.13



At about the same time that the Friday SBOE meeting was occurring, Sen. Dan Patrick was putting out his press release indicating that both he and the Texas Attorney General’s office have asked State auditor John Keel to review the operations of TESCCC/CSCOPE because of indications that the Education Service Centers did not comply with state law and bidding processes when the CSCOPE system was created.


By the time the SBOE meets for its September meetings, there is no telling what may have been revealed about the inner-workings of TESCCC/CSCOPE/ESC; but regardless, we as vocal activists can make our local school districts know where we stand.


This should be our consistent message to the TEA, to the SBOE, to our local Texas school districts, and to the news media:  


“Any teacher who chooses to teach CSCOPE lessons after August 1, 2013 should expect to be opposed publicly at local school board meetings by assertive activists who do not want their school children indoctrinated by CSCOPE.”



Texas Education Agency switchboard:  (512) 463-9734; TEA staff directory --


E-mail address of Texas State Board of Education --



Donna Garner



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Comment by E W Burt on July 20, 2013 at 1:10pm


Thank you for keeping us updated and your continued efforts. Texas school children's  future is at stake.

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